Saturday, January 29, 2011


W.I.N.E. Women In Natural Essence Book Club.
I spent the evening with WINE today. They had chosen my book, Masquerade as their January selection and asked me to attend their meeting. We met at the Terra Restaurant in Hampton, Va at the Peninsula Town Center (my new favorite place. We ate and yes, drank wine. What a wonderful group of women they are. I'm not just saying that because they loved my book either. They are honest, down to earth and real. They each took a turn discussing the book, what they liked, didn't like, who they liked the best and who they didn't. On numerous occasions a comment would open to a flourish of questions, comments and ponderings. Totally cool in my book. They also asked about up coming books and wanted to know when the sequel to Masquerade would be out. Now that was interesting. I've been thinking about a sequel but the sequel wasn't talking to me. It is now. These wonderful women tossed idea after idea at me. They told me what they would love to see and and not see. Their ideas were so profound I had to pull out paper and start taking notes. Now how is that for productive gatherings. Here are some of the things they said about Masquerade. "I could have read a sequal immediately."I was reading something else and kept going back to Masquerade," "The characters are real." "I give it an strong 10," "Elijah never let Samantha's hardness stop him. I liked that," "Elijah was sure of himself, knows what he wants but also had a humble side." Thanks WINE. Keep up the wonderful work ladies and I will keep you posted on my progress.

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