Saturday, January 29, 2011

Remembering Friends

What a wonderful day. There's nothing better than old friends gathering around a table and talking about the good times we had together. Back in December I received a card from a friend I used to work with when I first graduated nursing school. Yes, I've known her just that long. She was getting the crew back together. hehehe. We all worked together on the PCU (Progressive Cardiac Unit) at Riverside Medical Center in Newport News when my professional nursing career started back in 1985. Yikes, that's a long time ago. Some of us made it to the lunch, some didn't. I hadn't seen a couple of these friends since I got married 12 years ago and there were a couple I hadn't seen since I left the hospital in 1990. We talked, we laughed and we remembered the ones no longer with us. (we miss you Sylvia) Geez, Hazel, Evelyn, Shirley, Mary Ann, Alice, Rena, Reva, our boss lady Judy and myself made up the motly crew today. Now, instead of brand new nurses, green and ready to change the world we are seasoned with adult children, grand children and marrages still going strong, some not and missing spouses taken from us. We all got a kick out of Mary Ann giving some of the others a strange look as they talked about hot flashes and the dreaded menopause. I told her to sit by me cause I'm not there yet. LOL. One thing we all agreed upon, we really need to get together more often.

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