Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sists's Thoughts from Coast to Coast

I spent a wonderful evening yesterday on a teleconference with the book club Sista's Thoughts from Coast to Coast. Also known as STCC. They chose my book, Masquerade, as their March Selection and asked if I would phone in a be a part of their phone conference discussion. What a wonderful group. They merged on the phone from as far as California and as close to me as Maryland and all points in between. They asked very intriguing questions about my characters and the thoughts behind the book. They, like others have posed the same question, will there be a sequel to Masquerade? Hum, inquiring minds want to know. Well, the one thing I can say, since this isn't the first time I've heard this question there is a great possibility that there just might be something stewing on the back burner. Some of their members were new to my books and some were not. They were intrigued and thoroughly enjoyed the book and I hope they will continue to follow my career and stay in touch. I certainly will follow them. Thanks STCC for a wonderful evening!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sometimes I think we relax entirely too much, and other times not enough. But I'm always wondering. Would we be caught with our pants down if we didn't relax as much as we do? Would the next guy be able to get the better hand if we weren't relaxing. Geez, what's a person to do. I'm a grand proponent of working hard so that we can play hard but sometimes you just gotten kick the shoes off, push the recliner back and pick up a book, maybe even two. After all, isn't the old saying, all work and no play make for a very tiring life true????? Hey, where's my book and glass of pepsi?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Great WINE

There are few things better than a good glass of wine except one thing. A great book club. And I have met just that. W.I.N.E. Women In Natural Essence is a wonderfully read group of women. They are so versed in conversation, friendship, sisterhood and love. Not just the love I get everytime they invite me to spend time with them but also the love I feel from them for books (good or bad), the author's and each other. I had the pleasure this past Saturday to spend an afternoon with them. It doesn't matter if it's dinner, lunch or just a snack, if they call me I am going. Each time, I get to sit back and listen to them discuss and disect the book they have chosen for the month. They aren't afraid to tell it like they see it. I think, that's what drew me to them a few years ago when they first invited me to their monthly meeting after they chose one of my books as their selection. If the book didn't work for them they said it and they also told me what they would like to see in the future with my characters. They actually helped me decide on a story I'd been thinking about. Women In Natural Essence is the finest wine around. Thanks for being you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Release Midnight Indulgences

Okay, I've procrastinated long enough today. I was suppose to edit and do some writing. Instead I checked emails and watched television. Knowing I've got another book coming out with Tease in just a few days I figured I had better at least send you an excerpt. Its from my alter ego, Alexis Ke. Yes, she's done it again. This story was inspired by a dear friend of mine. One day we were playing adult truth or dare and I asked her where is the craziest place she'd ever done it. She told me in the post op holding area area at the hospital where we worked. Lordy have mercy. I was so shocked. Its always the quiet ones who shock you, right. Well, she met her husband at the hospital. He worked in the security department and she was one of the nursing supervisers. I can't give you her name cause she swore me to secrecy when I told her she gave me a book idea. And yes her face did pale when what I was saying sunk in. LOL. Where, here's an excerpt from the book Midnight Indulgences, due out with Tease Publishing on March 15. I just know you will enjoy.

by Alexis Ke


Fredrick Simms, head of security at City General leaned into the surveillance monitor and ran his fingers across the cold screen. The static prickled his fingers and the edges of a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Beads of sweat popped out on his neck and trickled down his back. Just like yesterday and the day before that, something about Lucia Waters always drew his attention. He welcomed the chance to work the night shift. When he did, he made it a point to be in the surveillance room at the beginning of Lucia’s shift, just so he could get a glimpse of her. Maybe it was the way she walked or the clothes she wore. Regardless of the hospital policy about skirt length and cleavage, she made it a point to show her legs almost every day.
He slid his tongue across his top lip, slow. Tonight her skirt stopped just above her knees. It sashayed with every sway of her hips, and her blouse dipped into her cleavage just right. If she shifted the wrong way or twisted her body he wondered if her bosoms would spill from her blouse. He wanted to be the one there to capture them if they did. When she moved, her ample bosom bounced with each step and her long curvaceous legs seemed to go on forever. God, he loved a woman with thick thighs and voluptuous breasts.
Closing his eyes, Fredrick envisioned them wrapped around his body, pulling him closer as hips rhythmically pumped, the length of his shaft embedded in her, deep. He licked his lips. His body shivered as the sudden tingling sensation entered his groin. Only in your dreams man, only in your dreams.
Most of his encounters with Lucia had been in passing. He met her almost a year ago. They’d talked, might even have laughed, he couldn’t remember exactly what had happened. He asked her out once. She said yes and then changed her answer to no, something about not getting involved with co-workers and hospital policy.
Hospital policy my ass. He watched her walk across the parking lot. A soft breeze caught her skirt and lifted it just enough to kiss and cool her heat. She scrambled to push it back down. Fredrick wished, just once, he was the wind, caressing her hot center, teasing her flesh.
Something’s got to give. He too was tired of the humdrum life, and too old to be playing games. He’d turned thirty-eight just over a month ago and it was time for a change. Relationships had failed him. Fredrick was tired of stuck-up girls pretending to be women mistaking his sensitivities for weaknesses and his good looks for confused sexuality. Soft spoken, but not soft, he refused to go another day without making this woman know he meant business. He wanted to knead his fingers into the flesh of her ass as his mouth suckled the large peaked nipples he knew she had to have. He wanted to hear her call his name, loud, passionate and desperate with need. He wanted to feel her heat pulsate around his rock hard cock as he slid in and out of her wet core. He wanted…
Damn, he wasn’t sure what he wanted when it came to Lucia Waters and the dreams she filled at night when he slept, if he slept. Yes. He wanted her.
He glanced at his watch, pushed back from the desk and walked toward the door of the security office. Fredrick knew her routine to a T. It took her precisely seven minutes to walk from the parking lot to the employee elevator. That is, if no one stopped her to talk. He even paid attention to when and how she made rounds, just so he could be in some of the same places at the same time that he knew she would be. Thinking about it, he could be classified as a stalker.
He shook his head, Nope, just a man in lust and afraid to say it. But, that was going to change and change soon.
The high tech hospital was a blessing with almost every aspect of its interior under surveillance. Only a few choice places were private. He knew where they were too and by morning, so would she. With one last glance at the screen, he pulled the door shut behind him and walked towards the service elevator.
The entry door to the elevator slid open as Fredrick turned the corner. His timing was right on the money. There she was, leaning against the side panel. God, she looked good. The sight of her made his heart leap into his throat. His groin muscles swelled against the fabric of his pants and pulsed with the blood coursing through his veins.
“Looks like you need some help.” Fredrick stepped into the elevator, his voice low and charismatic. He wished he could get into her head and find out what her thoughts were. Fredrick wondered what she thought about when she didn’t answer, but stared at him instead. “Are you here all night?”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Lucia looked up into his eyes. “What did you say?”
“Asleep already and it’s not even midnight.” He awarded her with what he knew was one of his brilliant smiles.
Lucia shook her head. “Funny,” she murmured under her breath. “Real funny.”
Silence filled the space surrounding them and he watched her through veiled eyelids. What was she thinking about that caused her breathing to take on that slow sexy rhythm? Was she thinking about the weather? The job? Him?
Just wanting a whiff of the sexy man sharing her elevator, Lucia took a long deliberate breath. If she did it subtly enough, he wouldn’t notice. Her body recognized him the first day she saw him. Lucia couldn’t remember who started at the hospital first, but she knew each time she saw him all she wanted was to rip his clothes off and take him. It didn’t matter where, the hallway, the cafĂ©, or the lobby. Shucks, Lucia would do him right here in the elevator if it didn’t mean instant termination once they were caught wrapped around each other with his cock imbedded deep in her dripping wet punany. She shivered inwardly and tried not to show what was going through her mind.
Lucia stared into space and inhaled another breath. Why did this man have to get on this elevator? Damn. She’d been hoping to avoid him tonight at all costs. He occupied her mind constantly, at home, in the shower, at work, even driving her car or shopping. On more than one occasion his imaginary hand replaced hers and took her to places she’d never been with other men. Well, at least he did in her dreams. Real life was another story. Damn him and her heart.
When Lucia saw him she felt her chest and inner thighs tighten. The butterflies fluttering in the pit of her stomach made her knees wobble. And why did he have to smell so good, a woodsy herbal scent that wouldn’t smell as delicious on any other man? It only complimented his cappuccino skin and his clean-shaven head.
As always, he was dressed neat in business casual: slacks, dress shirt, jacket and depending on the time of day, a tie. Lucia liked it best when he wore a jacket. It covered his beautiful tight ass and drew attention to his long legs and made her think of ways she could sneak her fingers under the back flap and cup those hardened globes.
Lucia squeezed her pelvic muscles tight and tried unsuccessfully to stave the feelings building between her thighs. She wanted to turn and speak to him, but her lips wouldn’t move. Every time she opened her mouth the only thing she could do was suck in much-needed air. Each breath she took was hot, just like her female center.
Why is he touching me, Lucia thought when she realized his long, smooth, strong fingers where running along the length of her arm.
“Excuse me, this is my floor.” Fredrick commented, as his hand stroked her skin again.
“I’m sorry.” Lucia stepped to the side so he could exit.
Leaning into her ear he whispered, “What ever that perfume is you’re wearing, it’s da’ bomb.” He stepped out, turned to the left and disappeared.
Lucia leaned out of the elevator and watched him move away, his stride long and powerful. She wondered if his legs could balance her in mid air or would he need to support her against the wall. The elevator doors slid shut and she was alone.
Had he meant what he said? Her knees shook and she fell against the wall of the elevator.
The elevator passed her floor before she had the strength to push herself from the wall and press the button that would get her to her office.