Monday, March 21, 2011

Great WINE

There are few things better than a good glass of wine except one thing. A great book club. And I have met just that. W.I.N.E. Women In Natural Essence is a wonderfully read group of women. They are so versed in conversation, friendship, sisterhood and love. Not just the love I get everytime they invite me to spend time with them but also the love I feel from them for books (good or bad), the author's and each other. I had the pleasure this past Saturday to spend an afternoon with them. It doesn't matter if it's dinner, lunch or just a snack, if they call me I am going. Each time, I get to sit back and listen to them discuss and disect the book they have chosen for the month. They aren't afraid to tell it like they see it. I think, that's what drew me to them a few years ago when they first invited me to their monthly meeting after they chose one of my books as their selection. If the book didn't work for them they said it and they also told me what they would like to see in the future with my characters. They actually helped me decide on a story I'd been thinking about. Women In Natural Essence is the finest wine around. Thanks for being you!

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