Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Jericho Wolfe and Dominque Rue from St. Agnes (Whispers in the Dark)

Reporter: I’m here in St. Agnes with Jericho Wolfe and Dominique Rue. I’d heard so much about this small Eastern Shore town I had to visit. I must say I was impressed. The people are absolutely amazing. After much begging I finally convinced several of them to give me impromptu interviews about their life in this quaint little town. So let us begin. Reporter: “So tell me Jericho, how are things with you and Dominique?” (Jericho reached out and grasped Dominique’s hand and gave it a little squeeze.) Jericho: “We are good.” He chuckled softly, “No, not really, we are great.” Reporter: “Well, that’s just wonderful. Rumor has it that Dominique didn’t want anything to do with you. Is this true? How did you get her to change her mind?” (Dominique rolled her eyes toward the sky; however a slight smile curved the corner of her mouth.) Jericho: “It’s amazing what people can do with a mango.” (Dominique burst out laughing.) Reporter: “Did I miss something. What about you Dominique, when did you know he was the one?” (Dominique cleared her throat.) Dominique: “No, it was nothing. He was very persistent, that’s all and besides, who said I changed my mind. The jury might still be out.” Jericho: “You see what I have to put up with.” (He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Her eyes widened in shock surprise.) Reporter: “I’ve been told St. Agnes was a quiet little town until you arrived. Can you elaborate?” (Dominique shook her head.) Dominique: “This town hasn’t changed one bit since I moved in. It’s still full of nosey busy bodies, Jericho included. It’s always been crazy.” Reporter: “Now correct me if I’m wrong. You were almost killed recently, correct?” (Dominique didn’t answer. Neither did Jericho which told me there was more to that story.) (Dominique glanced at her watch and then Jericho.) Reporter: Am I keeping you from something? (Jericho smiled and shook his head.) Dominique: “Yes, life.” Reporter: “Okay, sure. Just a one more question and I’ll be done. Jericho, I was told by my sources an old flame of yours recently sent you flowers in hopes of getting back together. How does a man handle that?” Jericho and Dominique in unison: “There’s nothing to handle.” (They glanced at each other and something in their eyes said there was more to that story.) Reporter: “Oh, I see. Well with that I’m going to leave you to do whatever it is you do in St. Agnes. Dominique can get back to her police officer duties and Jericho to his teaching at the college.” Want to know more about Jericho and Dominique’s story? Keep reading for a blurb for Whispers in the Dark. When your dreams become nightmares, there’s only one thing to do… run. Dominique’s hands and soul are stained with her partner’s blood. Riddled with guilt because she never admitted her true feelings for him to herself, she flees the nightmares and walks away from the police force and her past life. What she didn’t bargain for… Jericho Wolfe, the handsomely nosey next-door neighbor. He will stop at nothing to uncover her secrets and hide some of his own. Will his persuasiveness break down the wall she has built around her or add more mortar to the nightmares.

Friday, April 19, 2013

St. Agnes road trip. To go or not to go!

It's a definite go. There is no debating necessary. From the moment Jericho decided to return to the family home for the summer and going to the grocery store it was destined to happen. Dominique had no idea this man, this absolutely gorgeous man with the chocolate skin and locs cascading down his back, would be her undoing. Who knew what one can do with a simple thing as a mango. When traveling through St. Agnes one would find there are so many treasure. Many people pay tribute to the only libray in St. Agnes where you have to plan to spend some time between the book shelves. The owner, Kayla, decided a long time ago that she wouldn't have a traditional book store with everything in it's place. There is no rhyme or reason to how she places books on her shelves. Many of the St. Agnesians believe as she opens the packages, the books go into what ever slot is available. Many wonder if there is another reason. What do you think? St. Agnes doesn't have a hotel or even a motel for that fact. It's easy enough to find lodgings along highway 13 or cmaping cabins or sites, but sometimes people just want to get away from the hustle and bustle. But don't try to go Jakes cabin. The Chief and Jasmine might be there. After all, they do have some serious history there. Kayla has pondered the idea of opening a small bed and breakfast, however, she hasn't made up her mind. Now if you are looking for a great place to eat, you won't have to go far. Just ask Natalia or Marcus. Unless you are waiting for Dominique to cook you a meal. But then again, it was her cooking that saved her life, wasn't it? Make sure when visiting St. Agnes you spend some time at the lake. Many hours are spent either ice skating in the winter or nude romping in the summer. I can't tell you who's there now, it would spoil the surprise. People have asked what is the population of St. Agnes, but to tell you the truth. No one really knows except maybe Uncle Sam and some wonder if that's even accurate. People who visit St. Agnes tend to stay so pack heavy and come prepared to stay awhile. The people are great, the town is the best little town in American and you will fall in love with all of the occupants and history, hands down. Well at least all of them except the ex-girl friend of Jericho who attacked him with a butcher knife. Oops. Sorry. I promisd to never mention her again. But hey, never is such a strong word. Well, it's time to go. I heard they were going to have a free music concert at the town hall. Definitely don't want to miss that. Do you? Make sure you come back to visit on Tuesay, April 23. I heard Dominigue has aday off and Jericho is in town. Maybe we can grab them for an impromptu interview. Hopefully with some prodding we can get the truth behind Dominique and Jericho. Is it really Dominique's fault, St. Agnes is rocking because of her arrival. And don't forget, leave a comment while on the road trip to St. Agnes blog or comment or like on my face book page and you might just win one of the many weekly prizes. See you soon. I think I hear music.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pack your bags! We are going on a road trip!

Every once in a while a writer gets an idea that sends them to a place they never thought they would go. Mine was writing a series. I had only written single titles and I can't even say I was fond of even reading series so I knew I wasn't going to write one. Finding an author I liked and knowing I had to start from the beginning turned me off, especially if I'd just found this author at book ten. However once I realized in some series the books also stand alone as single titles but has a common denominator, I was elated. Still, I wasn't going to write one. When readers and other authors pushed me beyond my comfort zone and asked for more after they'd read Whispers in the Dark it started the birth of my St. Agnes series. Whispers in the Dark started out as a single title, however, once the book was birthed the characters and readers screamed for more. Everyone fell in love with the town of St. Agnes. I even had a reader contact me to tell me she and her sister spent an entire day on the Eastern Shore of Virginia looking for it. She was really disappointed when I told her St. Agnes is a fictious town. However, you can find a piece of it in many of the small towns from north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Maryland state line. Not only did they fall you love with Dominique and Jericho they fell in love with St. Agnes' Chief of Police, Hunter Roberts. He was supposed to be a strong secondary character, a walk on character you might say that was going to give Dominique a run for her money. The crazy thing is, he didn't have a story. Readers emailed me from as far away as California and Canada asking about his story. Wow! He didn't have one! What was I to do? Well, as my story goes, one week I was sick with a chest and head cold and one night on my pseudophed, Nyquil, Mucinex high I dreamt of Chief Hunter Roberts story, Vision in the Dark in it's entirety and the concept and titles of four other stories from St. Agnes. St. Agnes was born! Book two, Visions in the Dark is Chief Roberts' story and book three involves Jericho's best friend, Marcus, St. Agnes' newpaper editor. St. Agnes is, or should I say was a quaint little town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Rumor has it after Dominique Rue showed up things just started to pop. She might debate that because Chief Roberts has a dark past of his own. I'm not sure if Dominique is the cause, however there is some truth behind the reasoning. Attempted murders, kidnappings and bullets ripping through flesh. Who's to say. Well I hope you travel to St. Agnes as you read my series and stay awhile. There's so much more in store for you. We will travel to St. Agnes every Tuesday and Friday for the next month. Make sure you save the date and come back on Friday, April 19 and learn a little more about St. Agnes. You might be surprised and you might learn something new, meet someone new. I will have prizes each week. Yeah! Who doesn't love prizes? write a comment on my blog on on face book about he blog and you will win a chance to win a prize. Follow my blog and win another chance. Answer a periodic question about St. Agnes and win another chance. Wow! There will be so many chances to win. I can't wait. See you soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Road Trip

I certainly hope everyone loves a good road trip. I know I do. I've decided to take a trip back to that small town on the Eastern shore of Virginia...St. Agnes. This town has grown from that tiny little town along highway Route 13in Virgina, north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. No one knows the exact population, however, they do know the people are loving and compassionate and yes a little mysterious. If you are running away from your demons, St. Agnes might be the place for you. If you are running away from your future, yes, move on over to St. Agnes. You'd be surprised the things that happen in this tiny town. From Doninique Rue hunting down the killer of her police , in Whispers in the Dark to Chief Hunter Roberts almost dying in his quest to save Jasmine in Visions in the Darl, my St. Agnes series is the place for you. And I can't forget the ordeal of Marcus running for his life in Lost in the Dark. Save the date. I will kick out my little road trip April 16. So make sure you come back and get a taste of St. Agnes.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fly hat and other things

Well, well, well. I wish we could turn back the time so I could figure out where it went, who took it and why. I can't believe it's already March 2013. Life has been over whelming to say the least. But that's okay. If we didn't have it... think about the alternative. My year started kind of bitter sweet. One of my major publishers, Tease, closed their doors in February. I was really bummed. They were great but I understand sometimes we have to move on to other things. Again, life. However, other doors have opened. I've got some really great things going on this year. I just released book three to my St. Agnes series. Lost in the Dark. I'm working on another single title that takes place in New Orleans. Right now it doesn't have a title so I'm calling it The Big Easy. I know, funny, especially since it's a romantic suspense and that title is not going to do it. I'm pretty sure a title will come to me. Maybe I'll have a contest to get one. Today is also the Hot M.A.M.A Fly Hat Luncheon in North Carolina. I was so wanting to attend. I even had my hat picked out. My sister said she thought I was going to get something a little more exciting, a little more fly. I'm thinking it would have been perfect since the last time I wore any type of fancy hat was about thirty years ago. I know, that's kind of sad too. What's a girl to do? My hats consist of base ball caps or something along that line. Well, I'm wishing my fellow authors and the writers who attended today a great time. And for the winners of my raffle... drum roll please. The wining raffle ticket numbers: 1278471 and 178477. To redeem your prize please email me at or though my web site. Please email me your snail mail address and attach a copy of your winning ticket. Good luck!......................................................... LOST IN THE DARK St. Agnes series You don’t have to hide in the dark if you’re already lost. Always ready to write that breakout article, journalist, Marcus Reed stopped at nothing to ‘get it done’… until now. Now, he’s awake and running for his life. Having awakened in a strange city, covered in dirt, grime and blood, not his own, the only thing he can do is seek help from the most unlikely source. The last thing Natalia Lucas needed was for this strange man to wander into her police precinct. Nonetheless, there’s something about him that has piqued her interest. His eyes tell her there’s more beyond the dirt and confusion… the amnesia, especially since he’s supposed to be dead, having been killed two weeks prior when his car blew up. Having vowed to help, they set out on a trek of constant danger. Natalia has secrets of her own and she does not want them uncovered. That fear alone could destroy the woman she’s worked so hard to become. When it’s discovered Marcus is still alive, whoever killed him will do anything to complete the task even if it means killing them both. Knowing breaking this case could put her on the map, she’s determined to put light where there was darkness. Bound by a common goal of finding the truth, they will do everything in their power to ignore the attraction that has ignited between them. As danger builds, will the passion between two ill fitted people be enough to save them or will the darkness they uncover destroy them both.