Friday, April 19, 2013

St. Agnes road trip. To go or not to go!

It's a definite go. There is no debating necessary. From the moment Jericho decided to return to the family home for the summer and going to the grocery store it was destined to happen. Dominique had no idea this man, this absolutely gorgeous man with the chocolate skin and locs cascading down his back, would be her undoing. Who knew what one can do with a simple thing as a mango. When traveling through St. Agnes one would find there are so many treasure. Many people pay tribute to the only libray in St. Agnes where you have to plan to spend some time between the book shelves. The owner, Kayla, decided a long time ago that she wouldn't have a traditional book store with everything in it's place. There is no rhyme or reason to how she places books on her shelves. Many of the St. Agnesians believe as she opens the packages, the books go into what ever slot is available. Many wonder if there is another reason. What do you think? St. Agnes doesn't have a hotel or even a motel for that fact. It's easy enough to find lodgings along highway 13 or cmaping cabins or sites, but sometimes people just want to get away from the hustle and bustle. But don't try to go Jakes cabin. The Chief and Jasmine might be there. After all, they do have some serious history there. Kayla has pondered the idea of opening a small bed and breakfast, however, she hasn't made up her mind. Now if you are looking for a great place to eat, you won't have to go far. Just ask Natalia or Marcus. Unless you are waiting for Dominique to cook you a meal. But then again, it was her cooking that saved her life, wasn't it? Make sure when visiting St. Agnes you spend some time at the lake. Many hours are spent either ice skating in the winter or nude romping in the summer. I can't tell you who's there now, it would spoil the surprise. People have asked what is the population of St. Agnes, but to tell you the truth. No one really knows except maybe Uncle Sam and some wonder if that's even accurate. People who visit St. Agnes tend to stay so pack heavy and come prepared to stay awhile. The people are great, the town is the best little town in American and you will fall in love with all of the occupants and history, hands down. Well at least all of them except the ex-girl friend of Jericho who attacked him with a butcher knife. Oops. Sorry. I promisd to never mention her again. But hey, never is such a strong word. Well, it's time to go. I heard they were going to have a free music concert at the town hall. Definitely don't want to miss that. Do you? Make sure you come back to visit on Tuesay, April 23. I heard Dominigue has aday off and Jericho is in town. Maybe we can grab them for an impromptu interview. Hopefully with some prodding we can get the truth behind Dominique and Jericho. Is it really Dominique's fault, St. Agnes is rocking because of her arrival. And don't forget, leave a comment while on the road trip to St. Agnes blog or comment or like on my face book page and you might just win one of the many weekly prizes. See you soon. I think I hear music.

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