Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where did the time go?

Oh my God!

It's almost October and time. Time for the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for the cure. That's 60 miles I'll be walking to help fight breast cancer. The closer I get to the date the more nervous I become. And, the more body aches and pains I encounter. Why is it that each time I say the words 60 miles or walk or Susan or even October I get a pain. Opps, there goes another one. This time its in my butt. Yesterday it was my knee, the day before that my hip and the day before that my right foot. What's up with that.

I know its all psychological but hey, I got to get it together. I'm catching the train to D.C. the day before because the walk starts at 0630 in the am on Friday. My hubby is driving up that Saturday to cheer me on and be at the finish line on Sunday. Isn't he sweet.

I'm not going to think about the comment he made that he could get some great photo shots for his photography home work. Nooo, he's coming up for me and only me. Yeah that's it.

And to make me more nervous, I'm camping out with all of the other Komen people. Camp Komen is what they call it. Camping, did I say camping. Yes, as in tent, outside, under the stars. Yikes. Don't you know my idea of camping is staying at a hotel that doesn't have cable. Do pink pup tents have floors?

It's going to be a great experience. I know this. I'm getting more and more excited each day. Ow, just got a sharp pain in the left foot.

Oh well, I will have lots of meds with me for the aches and pains. I'm packing my TENS unit for electrical stem just in case and did I say muscle relaxants.

I will be thinking about everyone I know. The friends who I'm walking for and especially the friends and family who are sleeping in their memory foam beds, reading books with electricity and watching television. I've got the better deal. Great stories, wonderful commeradarie, laughter and fighting for the cure. Who could ask for anything more?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Well, what's a girl to do?

Well, I'm not really sleep recupped from the Authora After Dark con but I decided I really needed to get out there and do some walking. The Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure will be here in 3 weeks. Yikes! Where did the time go?

My sister and I set out on a five mile hike today at one of the local parks. It's a beautiful trail through the trees with a winding trial and bridges over the lakes. It turned into a power walk/run. That's what happens when you notice the sun is quickly going down, you are in the middle of this nature trail and if you don't kick it up a notch it will be pitch dark or at least dark enough that your imagination will definitely run rampant on you.

I had already started envisioning what type of serial killer or paranormal alien was lurking behind the trees. It didn't help that each time we passed a strange looking tree my sister made sure she noted what type of prehistoric creature it reminded her of or a second didn't go by when she didn't say, "so, what would you do if it got suddenly dark." She acturally thought we would sleep in the middle of the trail and wait for sunlight. Oh sure, like that was going to happen. Everyone knows my idea of camping is staying at a hotel that doesn't have cable. I asked her what were we supposed to do when one monster was charging from the trees.

I told her the only reason I'm camping at the Komen camp during the walk is because there will be another thousand people for the monster to think about eating. Her response to make my head swim, "What would you do if you woke up and noticed everyone in the camp had disappeared. Thanks sis. I needed that.

She mentioned something about running. The idea of running, sounded good but that wasn't a garentee the monsters wouldn't get me. Now the thought of tripping her, pointing and yelling, TAKE HER, she's leaner!!! sounds really good. Oh, did I think that out loud? My bad. Well, we made it out alive thank goodness. After all, I do have my 60 mile walk coming up.

Speaking of that walk. I had a minor surgical procedure on my left great toe last month. The doc promised me it would be like new before the walk. It better be. Actually, its feeling pretty good. When I went back for my followup appointment he said my toe healed like a 20 somethng toe. Cool. Now can someone please tell my 20 something toe to talk to the rest of my 49+1 body, because right now, this very second, my left hip hurts like the dickins. My left knee is throbbing. There is pain in the right shoulder, right elbow and upper mid back. The left hand hurts and neck. Hey, my right knee isn't hurting. I guess its saving itself for tomorrow.

You can look for me on television when the walk starts. The local DC news caster will announce "woman laughing hysterically hits the dirt" or even better, "bites the dust."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adults After Dark Conferance

Relaxing for a minute between events in my hotel room. It's my first time at this conferance and I must say, it is a blast. I'm meeting some really great readers. You can never have too many readers. The hostesses are wonderful. Can't thank Jacquelyn Frank and Stella Price enough for putting on such a wonderful event. The other attending authors are fantastic as well. My only problem, however, is which dessert to eat at the many meals that have served us. I also sat on two panels today. Writing series and writing IR (interacial) romance. I didn't win a door prize at the dinner tonight. That's okay. I'm quite sure my guardian angel is saving my major win for that Ipod touch and Nook e reader that they are raffling off on Saturday. Well, it's time to head back out, meet more people and have more fun. There will be no sleeping tonight.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sTOp thE MAdneSs

Okay, maybe its me. I'm on the way home from work today. Even got off a little early. I'm sitting at a corner waiting for the green light and just looking about. If you know me you know I love to watch things, especially people. Well, see what happened was.... I'm sitting in my car. The tunes are sweet coming out of the speaker and I look out the front window at a woman and yes I mean woman, who's crossing the street in front of me. She looks to be at least 18. I know people can look a whole lot older than they are but I know she wasn't a toddler or even (and this is stretching it) a pre-teen. Why, will someone, anyone tell me, why is this woman sucking her thumb as she's walking up the street. At first I thought I was mistaken so I took a longer, closer look. YES!!! her thumb was tucked so far into her mouth she could have bitten it off if startled. I know times are hard right now, and everyone is stressed but come on. Help me out here. Talk to her. Let her know this is not good. I can't stop you from doing this in the confides of your own home but while walking up the street one must keep thumb out of mouth. Chew gun. Suck on a lolly pop. Pick your nose. But absolutely no thumb sucking on public streets. Especially if you are able to cross the street without your mommy holding your hand.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to work again

First week back to work after vacation and yes, it was still there. The in box was still full and the undone work was still undone. One day, I'm gonna go on vacation and when I get back someone, my fairy desk angels, the house keeping staff, anybody, will have kept the inbox clean and everything that came to my desk will be completed and sent to the next level. Yeah right, like that's gonna happen. It does do a body and mind good, though when people do the happy dance when you return. It can also be very frightening. Oh well, at least I was missed.