Friday, September 17, 2010

Adults After Dark Conferance

Relaxing for a minute between events in my hotel room. It's my first time at this conferance and I must say, it is a blast. I'm meeting some really great readers. You can never have too many readers. The hostesses are wonderful. Can't thank Jacquelyn Frank and Stella Price enough for putting on such a wonderful event. The other attending authors are fantastic as well. My only problem, however, is which dessert to eat at the many meals that have served us. I also sat on two panels today. Writing series and writing IR (interacial) romance. I didn't win a door prize at the dinner tonight. That's okay. I'm quite sure my guardian angel is saving my major win for that Ipod touch and Nook e reader that they are raffling off on Saturday. Well, it's time to head back out, meet more people and have more fun. There will be no sleeping tonight.

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