Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sTOp thE MAdneSs

Okay, maybe its me. I'm on the way home from work today. Even got off a little early. I'm sitting at a corner waiting for the green light and just looking about. If you know me you know I love to watch things, especially people. Well, see what happened was.... I'm sitting in my car. The tunes are sweet coming out of the speaker and I look out the front window at a woman and yes I mean woman, who's crossing the street in front of me. She looks to be at least 18. I know people can look a whole lot older than they are but I know she wasn't a toddler or even (and this is stretching it) a pre-teen. Why, will someone, anyone tell me, why is this woman sucking her thumb as she's walking up the street. At first I thought I was mistaken so I took a longer, closer look. YES!!! her thumb was tucked so far into her mouth she could have bitten it off if startled. I know times are hard right now, and everyone is stressed but come on. Help me out here. Talk to her. Let her know this is not good. I can't stop you from doing this in the confides of your own home but while walking up the street one must keep thumb out of mouth. Chew gun. Suck on a lolly pop. Pick your nose. But absolutely no thumb sucking on public streets. Especially if you are able to cross the street without your mommy holding your hand.

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