Friday, August 26, 2011

A Hurricanes ah comin!

What a week, what a week! First we had an earth quake registering 5.8. A first of this magnatude in the state of Virginia since the 1800s. We have had smaller tremors but most people don't remember them. Who would? And now we have the storm of the century bearing down on us and the entire east coast is in a freazy. I'm guessing a 700 mile wide catagory 2-3 hurricane, who they've so nicely named Irene, could make you nervous. Shoot, I'm nervous. Irene is coming up from the south while another storm front is coming down from the north. Put all of that in a pot and what do you get when two storms collade with one carrying cool air and the other carrying warm. You got it, the perfect storm. The only problem, we are so not prepared for this. And I don't think we ever will be. Which takes me to my next thought. Conspiracy theory. Now don't get me wrong. Mother Nature has been very pissed at the world this year. From earth quakes to heat waves with 120 plus temperatures to brush fires bellowing smoke across multiple states to dust storms to floods. What's a person to do? Now there is the perfect storm heading your way. Batteries-yes. Non parishable food-yes. water-yes. Flash lights-yes. Cars filled with gas-yes. Did I miss anything. Oh yeah, my bottle of wine. Hey, somethings gotta keep me happy when the power goes out. Could Mother Nature be dealing with the secret leaders of the conspiracy theorist to make us spend money. The store shelves are empty. The pumps have dried up. Yes, I think Mother Nature made a deal with someone and we are paying the price. Hopefully she will repay us for kicking up the economy by leaving us alone.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Remembering Leslie (LA Banks)

As I stand in front of my book shelf and stare at the multitude of books catching dust, I pause and run my fingers across a few of the many books I have by LA Banks. From her Rivers of the Soul 1991 were she signed it 'sisters of the soul' to her Vampire Huntress series to her cop books. Each book, just like Leslie has a special place in my heart.
I remember when we first met. It was my very first Romance Slam Jam conferance in Raliegh-Durham NC. I was traveling with Felicia Mason who'd hipped me onto the conferance and was wondering through the hotel meeting and greeting readers and fellow authors.
She walked up to me, introduced herself and asked me about myself. After my tiny bip blurb she grabbed me, hugged me and convinced me that selling one book or 10k was fantastic when we are doing something we love. She told me to keep on writing and to never stop. A multitude of knowledge went into those words.
Leslie is one of the most prolific authors I know, always paving the way for the person walking with her and always paying it forward.
Even though we talked more via email than phone, it was a treat if you could actually get her on the phone, each time was special. From just catching up to seeking info on poisons. I remember calling her in the distant past, fussing, when Damali grew fangs. She laughed and only said, sista, finish the book, to earlier in the year telling her I was gonna be in Philly for the Author's After Dark Con in August, hoping she'd come out. She will be with me in my heart and soul forever.
Leslie Esdaile Bank aka LA Banks aka Leslie Banks will be forever loved, forever remembered, forever missed.