Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fly hat and other things

Well, well, well. I wish we could turn back the time so I could figure out where it went, who took it and why. I can't believe it's already March 2013. Life has been over whelming to say the least. But that's okay. If we didn't have it... think about the alternative. My year started kind of bitter sweet. One of my major publishers, Tease, closed their doors in February. I was really bummed. They were great but I understand sometimes we have to move on to other things. Again, life. However, other doors have opened. I've got some really great things going on this year. I just released book three to my St. Agnes series. Lost in the Dark. I'm working on another single title that takes place in New Orleans. Right now it doesn't have a title so I'm calling it The Big Easy. I know, funny, especially since it's a romantic suspense and that title is not going to do it. I'm pretty sure a title will come to me. Maybe I'll have a contest to get one. Today is also the Hot M.A.M.A Fly Hat Luncheon in North Carolina. I was so wanting to attend. I even had my hat picked out. My sister said she thought I was going to get something a little more exciting, a little more fly. I'm thinking it would have been perfect since the last time I wore any type of fancy hat was about thirty years ago. I know, that's kind of sad too. What's a girl to do? My hats consist of base ball caps or something along that line. Well, I'm wishing my fellow authors and the writers who attended today a great time. And for the winners of my raffle... drum roll please. The wining raffle ticket numbers: 1278471 and 178477. To redeem your prize please email me at or though my web site. Please email me your snail mail address and attach a copy of your winning ticket. Good luck!......................................................... LOST IN THE DARK St. Agnes series You don’t have to hide in the dark if you’re already lost. Always ready to write that breakout article, journalist, Marcus Reed stopped at nothing to ‘get it done’… until now. Now, he’s awake and running for his life. Having awakened in a strange city, covered in dirt, grime and blood, not his own, the only thing he can do is seek help from the most unlikely source. The last thing Natalia Lucas needed was for this strange man to wander into her police precinct. Nonetheless, there’s something about him that has piqued her interest. His eyes tell her there’s more beyond the dirt and confusion… the amnesia, especially since he’s supposed to be dead, having been killed two weeks prior when his car blew up. Having vowed to help, they set out on a trek of constant danger. Natalia has secrets of her own and she does not want them uncovered. That fear alone could destroy the woman she’s worked so hard to become. When it’s discovered Marcus is still alive, whoever killed him will do anything to complete the task even if it means killing them both. Knowing breaking this case could put her on the map, she’s determined to put light where there was darkness. Bound by a common goal of finding the truth, they will do everything in their power to ignore the attraction that has ignited between them. As danger builds, will the passion between two ill fitted people be enough to save them or will the darkness they uncover destroy them both.