Sunday, March 25, 2012

A cool rainy day

I don't know if it was the sound of the rain hitting the ground outside my slightly opened window or the cool breeze filtering past the curtains, but I was over whelmed by feelings of home and comfort. I know I should have been writing like I promised but instead I found myself in the kitchen pulling out cook books. Dinner was already planned but not started yet, but the cook books were open on the counter and I found myself flipping through the pages. I remember when I was a younger one of my most favorit past times was sitting in the kitchen watching my mother cook, listening to her stories and instructions on how to do this and how not to do that. And interesting enough, momma rarely used a cook book. She only used it for her famout fruit cake. However, while she talked cook books were open in front of me and I loved perusing the pages, studying the pictures and dreaming of me in the kitchen cooking some of the recipes. As oddly as it seemed, when my mother died in 2002, the first thing I remember doing after the formalities where over, was getting those cook books and putting them in my suit case. They belonged to me, only me. So here I am today, feeling nostalgic and warm inside. It's been twenty years but Gracie is still there. Will always be. Who knows, maybe I'll make a walnut pound cake or some home made soup today.