Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Jericho Wolfe and Dominque Rue from St. Agnes (Whispers in the Dark)

Reporter: I’m here in St. Agnes with Jericho Wolfe and Dominique Rue. I’d heard so much about this small Eastern Shore town I had to visit. I must say I was impressed. The people are absolutely amazing. After much begging I finally convinced several of them to give me impromptu interviews about their life in this quaint little town. So let us begin. Reporter: “So tell me Jericho, how are things with you and Dominique?” (Jericho reached out and grasped Dominique’s hand and gave it a little squeeze.) Jericho: “We are good.” He chuckled softly, “No, not really, we are great.” Reporter: “Well, that’s just wonderful. Rumor has it that Dominique didn’t want anything to do with you. Is this true? How did you get her to change her mind?” (Dominique rolled her eyes toward the sky; however a slight smile curved the corner of her mouth.) Jericho: “It’s amazing what people can do with a mango.” (Dominique burst out laughing.) Reporter: “Did I miss something. What about you Dominique, when did you know he was the one?” (Dominique cleared her throat.) Dominique: “No, it was nothing. He was very persistent, that’s all and besides, who said I changed my mind. The jury might still be out.” Jericho: “You see what I have to put up with.” (He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Her eyes widened in shock surprise.) Reporter: “I’ve been told St. Agnes was a quiet little town until you arrived. Can you elaborate?” (Dominique shook her head.) Dominique: “This town hasn’t changed one bit since I moved in. It’s still full of nosey busy bodies, Jericho included. It’s always been crazy.” Reporter: “Now correct me if I’m wrong. You were almost killed recently, correct?” (Dominique didn’t answer. Neither did Jericho which told me there was more to that story.) (Dominique glanced at her watch and then Jericho.) Reporter: Am I keeping you from something? (Jericho smiled and shook his head.) Dominique: “Yes, life.” Reporter: “Okay, sure. Just a one more question and I’ll be done. Jericho, I was told by my sources an old flame of yours recently sent you flowers in hopes of getting back together. How does a man handle that?” Jericho and Dominique in unison: “There’s nothing to handle.” (They glanced at each other and something in their eyes said there was more to that story.) Reporter: “Oh, I see. Well with that I’m going to leave you to do whatever it is you do in St. Agnes. Dominique can get back to her police officer duties and Jericho to his teaching at the college.” Want to know more about Jericho and Dominique’s story? Keep reading for a blurb for Whispers in the Dark. When your dreams become nightmares, there’s only one thing to do… run. Dominique’s hands and soul are stained with her partner’s blood. Riddled with guilt because she never admitted her true feelings for him to herself, she flees the nightmares and walks away from the police force and her past life. What she didn’t bargain for… Jericho Wolfe, the handsomely nosey next-door neighbor. He will stop at nothing to uncover her secrets and hide some of his own. Will his persuasiveness break down the wall she has built around her or add more mortar to the nightmares.


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