Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hum, its time

You know its time to stop writing for the night when your husband comes out and ask you, "how's your husband." Now I must confess I thought he was asking about himself. After all, who wouldn't. So I respond with the approprate, "you are fine." Why did he start laughing and say, "not me, him," and pointed to the lap top. Aw come on now. When a writer is in the writing mode, everything pales around them. At least it does for me. But hey, I cooked dinner today which was saying a lot. I don't get much of that in these days. But who can blame me. I work Monday thru Friday 8-4pm. Its only the two of us so why cook when there are so many restaurants and food joints along the way home. But I cooked tonight so that should get me an A+. I baked pork chops. I made, and mind you, from scratch, mac and cheese and I cooked peas. He likes peas so I cooked them for him. And mind you, I didn't even burn the food this time like I did the other day when I was writing. I put some poor chicken in the oven. That poor chicken didn't know what hit it. When I pulled it out I tried to convince myself it was blackened chicken. He didn't buy it. But anyway, today I got some good work done. I wrote. I answered emails. I checked and read my yahoo group posts and I wrote some more. And there was a good dinner to finish it off. I guess I better stop writing here and go check on my other hubby.

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