Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've been hearing and reading a lot lately about relationships and what makes them work and how people can attach such qualifications onto what they want that they are blocking something good. I would have to agree. Now don't get me wrong. I recently read a question on FB that asked which would the woman prefer, a man who's good with his hands and can fix everything in the house, the car, the plumbing etc or a man who is good in bed. Why can't we have both. What's wrong with wanting a man who will be just as good in both places but even better and I think most would agree or I at least hope so, I believe we want a man who will treat us as equals not property. A man who will treat our hearts like his soul, charish it like platinum and gold. After all, who wants CZ when we can have diamonds. And it goes both ways, your king to my queen, right. We are not trying to wear the pants just because we might make more money. If your partner makes 60k and you make 49 doesn't that equate out to 109. It did where i went to school. Sometimes we forget the basics of happiness. I'm not sure if love conquers all but it certainly puts a dent in it, wouldn't you say. We recently had this same conversation at work because one of the nurses made the statement that she didn't like dark skinned black men. She couldn't tell us why. I told her to watch what she asked for, the light skinned man can be just as ugly as the next. I remember once, way back when I was single and had just broken up with someone after two and a half years. I prayed for an attentive man, because the one I'd had was more interested in sports and his buddies than with me. What I got was a stalker want-a-be. Another girlfriend only wanted a tall man. After all she was six feet tall. She ended up in a wheelchair. Now every man is taller. So, what I'm saying is, and I mean men and woman, we've got to stop putting labels on everything and look for the good, look beyond what you have on the must have list. That person might not be the tallest, the thinnest, the longest or best hair, but I bet if that person is who you are supposed to have it will be the best thing you've ever had. And hey, wouldn't you say if a man is good with his hands outside of the bedroom, he'd certainly be good with them inside the bedroom. We can only hope.

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