Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's in a number????

Okay, so I'm sitting at a friend's house last Saturday talking to a mutual friend. I'll call her Cheryl. Well, this is after I'd done one of my training walks of 17 miles, but I thought I'd recovered quite nicely. I'd bathed, napped, dressed and even combed my hair and put on make up before leaving the home. And I had on a brand spanking new dress. I'm feeling pretty good. Especially since in two weeks I'll be turning 49+1 (and if you say it we will no longer be friends). So why does a man who's sitting across the room from us ask me if I my friend Cheryl is my daughter. She's 49 +oh never mind.

Now don't get me wrong. Cheryl looks no where her age. Talk about good genes and she holds the wild card. She could pass for her daughter's sister, but hey. . . me... her mother. Even if she was 40 what does that make me, 49 +20.

The wonderful complimentary man couldn't see the err of his ways even after all of the other men in the room told him he should know what to say and what not. He told me I looked good. Well sure, I guess so for a 70 year old.

And just when I thought I was looking good. Dang, Maybe I shouldn't have done the training walk.


  1. poor kid, at least they looked. In my case its more of a laugh, then a snort, then they walk away.

  2. Age is just a number, remember.


  3. Kick his butt, then stop hanging around with 'Cheryl'. Hah!

  4. Now I like the way you think PBD, He will definitely be killed off in a book. I told him I had a victim in the book I'm working on who's been torched and burned beyond recongition. DNA isn't even viable. No one knows who he is. I'm pretty sure its the man from the party. Now as for my daughter... um, Cheryl, all joint public appearances from now will be done sitting across the room from each other. I'll be sitting with the 90 year olds.Hopefully no one will ask me if they are my daughter. All pun aside, I think I look darn good for a 49 + 1 recipient and thankfully, that's all that counts, right. I am right, right?

  5. You can count on the Queen here to help you hide the body. If this guy was 70, put it down to bad eyesight. You look marvelous!