Saturday, July 24, 2010

Go me!

No one can really describe the feeling that goes through a writers mind and spirit when you finish a manuscript. There is a heady mix of joy, elation but also fear and butterflies. It was long over due. I finally finished my work in progress, Lost in the Dark, book three of my St. Agnes Series. I've been working on this one for over two years. I had to stop in mid keystroke in 2009 for a neck injury with pain and muscle spasms so bad I couldn't think, sleep or sit for longer than a few minutes at a time. So forget about writing. Neck injury in stasis and I got back to the book in June of this year with a lot to do. I've been a writing fool. Got a great jump start at the Chesapeake Romance Writers Annual Writer's Retreat. I finally finished it tonight. Now to let it simmer for a couple of weeks and then on to the first draft edits. Yeah for me!!! Now we will just pray that the thousands of words written are action packed, exciting, passionate and not gobblygoop. Now that would be a kicker.

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  1. You're amazing. Nothing can keep a good writer down. You go girl. I love how forward looking you are and how you don't let even a neck injury get in your way of your passion. That's what writing is all about, yes? Celebrating with you on the completion of this book!