Friday, July 23, 2010

It's a bugs life... or death?

Okay, this may be because I'm tired or not. I'm just not sure any more. My question today and I'm dying to know the answer. When a bug hits the windshield of a moving car, does that bug say 'oh crap' right before the collision? Is there pain with the impact or is it sudden death and too quick to know what happened? While I was driving home today a big beattle bug (I think it was a beattle) hit the windshield. It didn't splat all of its guts on the window like so many do but he rolled up and over. How do I know it was a guy bug. Only a guy would smash his face into a moving glass. Woman are too vain to mess up our pretty face. I wondered what did it see right before the big hit and did he say 'what the hell', or was it not paying attention and didn't see it coming? How much pain was involved? Do bugs have pain receptors and if they do, what do they do for pain relief? Oh, I know, fly head on into a car.

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