Monday, November 14, 2011

Crown and Glory

My book, Crown and Glory is now available as an e-book from and Barnes and Noble. This book was inspired by my best girl friend, Pindi who died from breast cancer in 2008. She was 39. The story tells of a breast cancer survivor trying to get her life back after a double mastectomy. Also, all proceeds from this book go towards the fight against breast cancer. Will you help and buy a book? Tell your friends and tell your friends to tell their friends. Forward this email to eveyone you know. Women and men alike are stricken by breast cancer every day. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. We need to stomp it out. Just think, one book, one step closer to finding the cure.


There are three things Charlice Darrett wants... life, hair and to be left alone. The last thing she needs is interference from a man she doesn't know, however, he's stirring emotions in her she thought were no longer within her reach. Tyree Crawford wants only one thing... Charlice. Will he be able to convince her there is more to life than hair? As emotions collide, and doubts escalate, who will win?

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