Friday, October 8, 2010

Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk for the cure

And let the walking begin. I'm in DC. The 3 day 60 mile walk is under way. Waiting for the shuttle to talk us from the hotel to the starting point. I'm pumped, well rested and thoroughly greased. I learned a new trick from a marathon runner. Slather vasoline on the feet heavily and you won't get blisters. It works and afterwards your feet are baby soft. Now that's a great trick. I've already met some really great people. Linda from Coopersville and Heather from Miami. Immediately they greeted me and a friendship developed. There is so much comoradarie and smiles here it warms the soul. Its wonderful to see so many people come together to save the ta-tas. Sometimes I can't believe I'm doing this, 60 miles, three days and I'm sleeping in a tent. But I AM! this is for Pindi. My bestest girl who was taken from us in 2008 at 39 years young. Breast cancer was her murderer. So, lets FIGHT LIKE A GIRL AND SAVE THE TA-TAS.

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