Friday, October 1, 2010

Girls weekend the beginning

I'm in our nation's capital this weekend with the girl friends for our annual girlfriend's weekend. NO hubbies, no children. no work. But my question to you is, why is it that people see people with suitcases and immediately think we are tourist who just fell off the turnup truck. My girlfriends and I decided to catch the train up to D.C. Got a wonderful room at the Residence Inn on E street. Fantastic!

Well, we leave Union Station to grab a cab. No biggie. The hotel is 2 miles away. This is not going to be a problem. Well, maybe not to some people. The cab driver didn't even get out of the cab. He popped the trunk and we tossed out bags in. On arrival to the hotel the meter said, $5.75 and there was an extra fee of $1.50/extra person. So where I went to school that comes to $8.75. There were two extras.

The cab driver says $11.75. Okay, on what planet. Again, where I went to school that just didn't compute. So just to make sure I'm not mistaken I re-read the notice in the window that pretained to extra fees. We did have extra people, check. Waiting-- no. Bad weather--no. National emergency--no. I had to ask how he came up with the numbers and he tells me for the luggage.

What luggage I ask. He says the over sized luggage. Again, what over sized luggage? We each had a carry on. You know the type. The carry on size that fits into the over head compartment of the plane. Oh! that over sized luggage. Well, I think not.

Now my two girl friends are counting out money and trying to figure out a tip. Again, NOT!!!
I nicely (hehehe) redirected him to the sign hanging in his own cab and reminded him that he didn't even see our luggage so he had not idea what it looked like. Upon remembering this he jumps out, lifts it out of the trunk and says, "umm, humm, okay, that'll be 8.75." Oh, yeah, damn skippy okay. I was about to bring out the East Orange NJ that's imbedded way deep in me. And she really isn't as nice as the Virginia Denise.

My girl friend still asked, what should we tip. My only tip to him was to remember not everyone carrying a suitcase is a tourist. Oh, I forgot, he didn't know I used to live in the beltway and even when I didn't, D.C. was my old stomping ground. But even if it wasn't, why you gonna try to rob a tourist. Shame on him.

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