Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buy a book, stop a crook

Spent the day in Waynesboro, VA at the Bookem Book Festival. Mark Kearney has done a great job orginazing the festival. I don't even want to think about the amount of work that goes into it. I think this was my fifth time attending. The festival benefits literacy, hence the line, buy a book, stop a crook. If we can teach the children to read, just maybe we can help them stay out of the jail system. Each author attending donates part of our proceeds to literacy. To keep a child out of jail, I'd donate it all. Its a great day. A lot of author networking, workshops, panel discussions, author talks and an abundance of students from the area who volunteer. I can think of a million things a teenage could be doing on Saturday but they spent it with us.

I went to a Bookem in Charleston, SC a couple of years ago. They haven't had another one there since. I hope they do. I had a blast. This year in Waynesboro, there wasn't a lot of foot traffic. I don't know why. The weather was great, but it happens. I only sold three books. but hey, it goes like that sometimes. Once there were a lot of public in and I sold a lot of books, another time, none, another time, medium sales. But no matter how it rolls, I'll still be there. after all, buy a book, stop a crook.

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