Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When did it happen?

When did my husband and I become one of my patients. Inquiring minds want to know. As we finalize the last details of our upcoming vacation we find out from his pulmanologist that because of the high altitudes we are traveling to he may need portable oxygen as a stand by. Okay not a problem. I'm a case manager at a hospital in real life when I'm not writing. I know how to handle this. Two days later and its in the bag, signed, sealed and delivered. I then hurt my toe and have to have minor surgery on the great toe. Now I'm hobbling (is that a word) on a hurt toe. We are closing the suitcases and wondering if the medication bags are okay. So now we have a respiratory impaired hubby, a post op surgery toe wife and two bags of every day meds. When did this happen?

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