Monday, August 30, 2010

Vacation, Everyone should take one.

Just got back from a wonderful vacation with hubby and some great family. Yeah for people who want to just do it. My husband and I have decided to stop visiting the same places and people when vacationing but to now go to places we have never been. Seattle bound and then on to our Alaska cruise with a stop in Victoria BC. Seattle is the bomb and a must see. Two days was not enough. Now I know why my friends say they could live there. I think I can too. The camera could not capture the brillance of Alaska. Green forest and snow capped mountains. I can't explain what a glacier looks like without botching it up. The best way would be to say a raging river that froze in time that reflects a strangly bewildering blue color. I think I regressed back to being a 10 year old when we went whale watching in Juneau. Nothing like seeing a whale and it wasn't on the nature channel. Totally cool. While the girls had tea at the Empress in Victoria the guys went pub hopping, claiming they needed to check out Canadian beer and ale. What ever! Everyone had a marvelous time and there were no complaints, even when I climbed the rock climbing wall and didn't ring the bell. I didn't want to show the others up. hehehe. I do believe everyone should take vacations. Don't let the economy stop you. Hey, we are going to be broke anyway. We might as well have some great memories tucked away in our heart and head to go along with it. Next stop Italy and Greece, 2012. Come go with.

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