Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wow! What a wonderful weekend. Returned home this afternoon from a weekend Writer's retreat today. There were twelve wonderful attendees with twelve wonderful brains. Not as many as past years but just as much energy. Nothing like writers collectively getting together to write, brainstorm and have fun. We were up early and up late. Collectively we wrote 534 pages. I finished a first draft manuscript for the book I'd been working on for the pass couple of months. Now on to other projects while it cools before the second look. Usually takes about three drafts before I'm ready to have critique partners go at it. Boy what a project. I reopened book three of my St. Agnes series. I had to put it aside 2008-9 when my neck got jacked up and I couldn't write. Well, guess what. I'mmmm backkkkk! Book three is a blast. Lots of action and mystery and of course romance. For those who haven't caught up, nows the time to get Whispers in the Dark and Visions in the Dark. Book 1 &2 respectively.

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