Saturday, October 15, 2011


Oh wow! My mind is boggled at the time that passed since my last blog entry. I'm not sure what happend. No, that's not true. I am fully aware of what happened. Life happened and because my life has been so crazy over the past months, I've renamed it chaos. So, when you hear me talking about chaos, I'm talking about my life. Lets see, where should I start. Work, family, writing, family, work, writing. Okay, maybe not so much of the writing. I haven't gotten too much of the writing done. I really need to get back on the boat before my readers toss me into the deep end of the ocean. LOL. Naw, I don't think they'll do that. I have wonderful readers and author friends who are very supportive and totally understandable when chaos gets in the way. I did attend Author's After Dark in August in Philadelphia, PA. Totally awesome and I can't wait to go to New Orleans next year. Romance Slam Jam will be hosted by Little Rock, AK in 2011. Can't wait to go there as well. This year was in Baltimore, MD, my old stomping ground. Such memories. I love visiting places I haven't been to before. So Little Rock, here I come. I've been to New Orleans but it was back in the 80's. I know, such a long time. I can't wait. My hubby, Leon, even said he'd like to join me. Now that will be a treat. I've had some really great things happen lately as well as the stressful stuff. Alexis Ke's newest release, Invisible Love hit the e-book circuit this week and should be in print very quickly. Its in the 'What White Boyz Desire' anthology with Bridget Midway, Yvette Hines, Aliyah Burk and Kelley Nyrae. Also Alexis has another book release scheduled for November 1 with Red Sage. The Shadow Box. Both are IR erotic romances and totally hot. I'm hoping to stay on this trail and keep up the writing. Hopefully, I can keep chaos at bay and get it done.

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