Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hum drum, me

Well, what is an author to do. I'm not sure which is worse when it comes to getting the job done. That ever present fatigue from having to carry on several lives. The wife, the home maker, the full time job keeper, the author, the nurse, the case manager or this ever present numbness and even more so the inability to get a full nights sleep. I'm thinking of all of the things that are throw at an author, it is the deterents to getting the acutal writing done that has the most effect. What good is it if you can get all of the other facets under control if you can't write for crap because you fingers and hands are numb from the bilateral carpol tunnel that you no doubt got from all of the writing. It really burns my goat when I can't sleep because of the cervical neck issue but I think, no biggie, I'll get up and write and then can't do it because the hands don't want to participate. It's really hard to type when you can't feel the keys and the tiny needle tinging is dancing along your fingers. What's an author to do?

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