Saturday, November 20, 2010

Help wanted.

This is why some people should not be put is certain jobs. Some people should stay in non customer service positions and some people should definitely NOT be given certain jobs that come with a small amount of power over other peoples lives or livelihood. These new TSA/home land security checkups are getting out of hand. Don't get me wrong, I am all for keeping me/us/mine safe. I don't mind the long lines. That's why I always get to the airport early. I don't mind taking my shoes off. I don't mind unloading my carryons. I don't even mind strange people going through my suitcase, as long as they put my stuff back in my suitcase and not in their pockets, and I don't even mind the full body scan. Hell, what are they gonna see. My skeleton and an intestine full of poop. But come on now. What happened to training the TSA employees. As a registered nurse, I've been trained to be mindful, compassionate and watchful. I'd like to think I can spot a vengeful old lady to a gang leader. I can tell you what's right and wrong. And my Lord and parents taught me compassion and respect toward one another. But to read that a TSA agent told a breast cancer woman that she needed to remove her breast prostesis at the pat down and in another TSA incident a bladder cancer man was left in his own urine after TSA compromised his urostomy bag is a bit much. Why are people being humiliated in public because TSA does not have the training or education or compassion or anything to say, (here's a thought) "we will need for you to come with us to a room where a gender appropiate agent will need to inspect your prostetic device. Go figure. I think some of these people are enjoying their jobs just a little too much. My answer to them, a triple H enema. For those of you not familiar, think High, Hot, and Hell of a Lot. Do you get my drift.

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