Monday, May 23, 2016

Romance Slam Jam, for the love of books

When readers and writers merge in one place to network, laugh and have fun together it's called Romance Slam Jam. Book lovers from across the globe make up the attendees of this annual event. The location changes, however, the love and atmosphere doesn't. This year Detroit, MI was out home. From the welcoming reception to a tour of Hitsville, USA to the Emma Award Banquet RSJ pulls emotions from deep within your core. Hosted by a book club this years RSJ yielded Karaoke, a river boat ride and as always a magnificent luncheon and Emma Awards. Some times you are meeting new friends, reconnecting with friends you only see during this time or sometimes you are just mingling with tried and true comrades. It doesn't matter why you attend, we all have something in common. The love of books. Love never gets any better than this. It wraps around you and the energy of from it brings forth light. No one ever leaves the way they entered.


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