Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's all about family!

I was lying in bed, eyes closed thinking I needed a nap. I even posted on face book that was my intention. However, my mine wouldn't shut down. After all it was only three hours after I'd gotten up for the day but since procrastination was strong today it sounded like a good idea. I was thinking about family and how blessed we are when we have family. I found myself out of the bed and in my kitchen staring out the window. my mind reminiscing about the recent family reunion/cookout I hosted in July. Lots of food, laughs, stories and thoughts about the ones not present. Before I knew it it was pulling the peaches I recently brought on my trip back from Myrtle Beach. I just spent a few days with A.C. Arthur at her beach bash. More family. A.C. was the matriarch of the event who surrounded us with readers. More family. There were readers present that I've know for years and readers I hadn't had the pleasure to meet until the beach bash. Other family included fellow authors. We come together with the some of the same goals. Network. Build readership. Have fun and if its at all possible, allow out muse to roam free and pick up on the energy filling out lungs and just maybe we'll be able to pound out more books and work on the ones waiting for us so we can attend more bashes and events. It's the family that we have weaved together that keeps us going. They keep us focused and do what we love to do. We want to hang out with old readers, meet new ones and network with other authors and do what we are disdained to do... write.


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