Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life as I know it

Had a wonderful time at the Romance Slam Jam conferance in Baltimore this past week. Met new friends, reconnected with old. Ate some great crab cakes. Even heard one person say, "there is too much crab in the crab cake." Who knew? Can there really be too much crab. I think not. While I didn't win the EMMA award for Best Suspense or Book of the Year, I must say it is an honor to be nominated. Congrats to all of the winners this year. There are so many wonderful books out there. Will we ever have the time to read them all. Again, I think not. Even after Slam, I found myself at home in the Christopher Newport Universary Library on Monday doing one last read through of my manuscript I pitched to Grand Central and an agent at Slam. Both asked for the full. That's great. Of course it sends the hebbie-gebbies from my toes to my head. But off it will go. Fingers crossed that it will pique the interest and get me a contract. Now on to more homely thoughts. Just when its time to go back to work my bathroom, my one and only bathroom in the house goes alien on me and explodes. I knew the funny noise coming from the toilet was way too strange. Especially since no one was in the bathroom messing with it. It proved it by backing up and causing all kinds of problems. Now I have to wait for a plummer to grace my addie with his/her presence. Totally too much fun. I know my fellow co-workers aren't going to believe it. I'm not sure if I would either. Oh well, what's a girl to do. Sit and wait, sit and wait. Is't that what we do. Sit and wait. After all, it is what it is.

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