Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Denver Hamilton’s secrets have never been revealed to anyone… any human that is. She made sure of it, changing her life as it was warranted. Decades have passed and what she thought was a final stop is about to change. Everything she’s lived for, everything she’s hidden will come to light and all because of the day he came into her life. Reed was on the trail of a serial killer. He didn’t know he was the prey. He has never trusted anyone with the secrets he held within, especially not one of them. But now, his life depends on him trusting someone. Her. They aren’t even supposed to exist, but they do. Few and sparsely hidden, they will have to fight if they want to survive. The danger they’d been running from has closed in and has pitched two ill fitted lovers together. As the tables turn they will have to decide if what they feel for each other is enough for survival or will it destroy them both, as the hunted become the hunters.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maiden of the Mist

Lia refuses to believe merfolk have but one true lone. One mate. If that were true then she wouldn’t have had a man fall to her from the sky. Paul’s life is in a shambles. It was one thing to have his fiancĂ© walk out on him, but to do so with his business partner. What is there to live for? If he hadn’t hit his head when he fell into the water fall he would have thought he was going crazy when he woke with a mermaid in his tub. Can the far-fetched tale she’s dishing out be true. How much love will it take to bring them together forever?